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Your Friendship
Gonna Hold On
Don't trust
Have faith in me
Something to look for
As friends
Hold on to those memories
Never Give Up
Your Friendship
Can I?

I remember writing this one when I was 18 at the time, I was friends with this person after I left high school. Not no more,things change and I seen alot of things clearly as I told her I wasn't going to be friends no more. As for the two guys we loved, one is married and has a family, the other one, I have no idea.

Your friendship

means more to me

than anything else.

We had our share

of good and bad times,

I hope we can still

be friends and try

to help one another.

I can see the tears

in your eyes when

I stood up and got

my diploma.

Our friendship has

made us better friends

and encourgement

to go on.

You loved a guy

who had a red mustang,

I was in love with

his best friend.

All four of  us were

loners and found

each other at

the right time.