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Only love
Love will find you
Love Connection
This Woman
Don't make me cry
I'll always love you
You have the right touch
Only love
What am I to you?
Be you
Can't seem
Honest man, honest heart
Make me fever
I miss
Will you be there
Win your love
If I Ever Fall In Love Again
Waiting For You
Forever Yours
Tender Love
Summer Rain
Prove It
Feel Me, Kiss Me

I used to wonder how couples love get stronger everyday, I was listening to one song one night and it got me,I know alot of people who been married for over 20 years or more, they still love each other like they did when they got married. This is for them, the ones who survivored.

Where were you when I needed
to be conforted in the arms
that love me.
Love come and go in
our lives
Unlock the heart with a key
to your love
Only love can bring you
Love finds us in so many
It could be at work
or when you're doing errands.
Only love can find you
When you least expect it
Can you love me for who
I am, I love you for
who you are.