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Waiting For You
Love will find you
Love Connection
This Woman
Don't make me cry
I'll always love you
You have the right touch
Only love
What am I to you?
Be you
Can't seem
Honest man, honest heart
Make me fever
I miss
Will you be there
Win your love
If I Ever Fall In Love Again
Waiting For You
Forever Yours
Tender Love
Summer Rain
Prove It
Feel Me, Kiss Me

First loves are hard to get over even to get the person you love to know you like them. That's where I got this one from. So go back to the days in high school where you had a crush on someone like a  class president to a football player.

Sitting by the window

I'm thinking of someone

that I truly love

Why can't he see

that I do?

What's his problem?

I don't know, but,

I won't give up on him until

I get my way.


I'm right here waiting for you

We're always shy

and quiet

I don't know how I fallen

in love with you

Your smiles are always

cheering me up everyday.


It's a dream come true

I never thought I fall

in love with you.