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For the past few months, I became a fan of this guy who plays Gil Grissom on the hit show on CBS CSI Crime Scene Investigation. Talented and wow, give him a part and he does it well to impress you. This is for you guy! I love to meet you Billy guy.

This one is for William Petersen all the way, you sure gave me alot of friends from around the world. I got to know you in a view that makes me glad you became an actor. Someone was looking after you guy. Doubt he will read this, you never know.
this is called
The man we love

He was a small town guy
with dreams of becoming
a football player
Dream tossed out the window
teachers said his grades were poor to play
try your talent in acting.
Well he did try acting classes,
never looked back
The love for acting grew
roles came his way.
On the way to startom
from boardway to theatre
in Chicago to New york
Onto the big screen
playing roles like Pat Garrett
to Will Graham.
fans see him on the hit
show CSI Crime Scene Investigation
Solving crimes every week,
women love him as Gil Grissom
men want to be him,co stars
are admiring his talent.
The man, William Petersen.


I thank you guy for making watch your show every week and keep playing Gil, the role suits you,Grissom rocks.