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Will you be there
Love will find you
Love Connection
This Woman
Don't make me cry
I'll always love you
You have the right touch
Only love
What am I to you?
Be you
Can't seem
Honest man, honest heart
Make me fever
I miss
Will you be there
Win your love
If I Ever Fall In Love Again
Waiting For You
Forever Yours
Tender Love
Summer Rain
Prove It
Feel Me, Kiss Me

Same time as I wrote I miss, another song of Hearts from the Greatest hits cd, darn I get better everytime I listen to their cds.

                                    Sleeping in one bed
                                    You're sleep next to me
                                    so quiet, listen to the
                                     way you sigh in your dreams.
                                     I want to wake you up
                                     to say I love you.
                                     I think you know I love you
                                     The way I get held
                                     Your kisses for me
                                     Will you be there when
                                     I get scared
                                     When I need a friend.
                                      I don't want to wake you
                                     Angel beside me
                                     Wonder if you're thinking
                                     of me-loving
                                     Touch your face, smiling,
                                     I doubt you'll wake up
                                     decide to fall asleep
                                     I watched you sleep.
                                     Almost in deep sleep
                                     I feel your arms around me
                                     Turn over, you're looking
                                     at me, wonder why I never
                                     woke you up
                                     I say I didn't want
                                     to ruin your dream
                                     You grin, you were thinking
                                     Why doesn't she wake me
                                      Love her all night
                                      I touch your chest
                                      Hear you moan, get me
                                      closer to you body
                                      Warmth between us.
                                      We kiss one another
                                      to tell each other we love
                                      another till the end.
                                      I'll stay in your arms
                                      all night in bed
                                      Soulmates we are.