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Love will find you
Love Connection
This Woman
Don't make me cry
I'll always love you
You have the right touch
Only love
What am I to you?
Be you
Can't seem
Honest man, honest heart
Make me fever
I miss
Will you be there
Win your love
If I Ever Fall In Love Again
Waiting For You
Forever Yours
Tender Love
Summer Rain
Prove It
Feel Me, Kiss Me

Do you ever ask yourself if something is missing in your life? We work and have families even friends, what about the single people out there who wonder when will you meet the right person to marry? That's what this one is about.

Can life be perfect as
everyone wants it?
My life was fine
I had a good job and
family who loved me
Something was missing
I didn't know what it was.
My life was turned around
by love of a man
He was a friend of 
a friend of mine
Everything was great,
friendship is all I wanted
from him.
We shared our thoughts,
cried,laughed on the phone.
When do we say the
time we love each other
from the heart
In our eyes, it speaks
for ourselves.